How to join the Vivino community ?

Share your passion for wine with your new app !
Vivino is the must-have app for wine lovers. With a global reach, this community of wine enthusiasts lets you experience your love of wine in a whole new way, and share it with others like you !

3 good reasons to join the VIVINO community

Share your experience
As a wine lover, your experience is in demand. With Vivino, you have access to a platform for sharing your discoveries and taste experiences. By leaving reviews of the wines you've tasted, you can guide other members of the community in their choices. Your opinion counts and makes all the difference, because it's a piece of advice for other wine lovers looking for something new... maybe they'll discover the wines of our cooperative winery ?? 

Support our cooperative winery
By giving your opinion on our wines, you become a true ambassador for our cooperative. Your recommendations play an essential role in our reputation and brand awareness. Your support strengthens our credibility and attracts new wine lovers to our cooperative every day. Every review is an acknowledgement of our hard work and dedication to producing quality wines.

Together, let's share our common passion and promote Aramon-Théziers Vignerons wines on the international wine scene. For as Balthazar Dadvisard said, "Alone we go faster, together we go further."

So, thank you all in advance for your opinions !

Discover new treasures
Vivino is much more than just a wine review application. It's an endless source of inspiration and taste discoveries. By browsing the comments and recommendations of other enthusiasts, you'll broaden your horizons and discover new wines to taste and share.

What's more, Vivino features a unique label recognition function. By scanning a wine label, you can instantly obtain detailed information about it. This service will help you quickly explore different wine ranges and find real treasures !

How to join the Vivino community and share your experience ?

Joining the Vivino community couldn't be easier :
1) Download the Vivino application from the App Store or Google Play on your  smartphone.
2) Create an account in just a few moments by entering your e-mail address, password, surname, first name and country. 
And off you go ! You're ready to share your passion for wine.
3) Explore our range of wines and let your preferences guide you.
4) Once you've tasted a wine, leave your opinion by giving it a rating and writing a comment. 
5) Interact with other members by commenting and exchanging  recommendations.
Every experience you share is an essential contribution to the dynamism of this application and its community. Your opinion is a precious resource to help us grow and be discovered by as many people as possible ! :)
Don't wait any longer to join us on Vivino and become a true ambassador for our cooperative winery and your favorite estates !
The entire Aramon-Théziers Vignerons team thanks you in advance for your time, your shared experience and, above all, your support. 
See you soon, friends !

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