Know thyself.
Socrates or The Temple of Delphi
Impressive Softness

En Lumière

A complex aroma with a powerful nose of cocoa, candied orange and cherries; a mouth of jammy fruits and dark chocolate. Structure, volume and richness are united in a singularly elegant wine, which brings the terroir of Aramon-Théziers… into the Light.

Enjoy with game, duck, chocolate-based desserts…

When a child arrives, the family circle applauds with gusto.
Victor Hugo
Freshness and Aromatic Complexity

Conception rouge

With a nose displaying intense note of fresh liquorice, then a mouth of eucalyptus, black fruits, garrigue, spices. A harmonious silky and persistent Conception for your great cuts of meat…
Volume and Freshness

Conception rosé

A delicate nose of white fruits and floral notes. In the mouth, the perfect balance of volume and freshness. An elegant and velvety Conception for your dinner aperitif, mixed salads, grilled fish…

Elegance and Fineness

Conception blanc

Fresh apricot, almonds, floral notes on the nose. A great balance between volume and tension which lasts. A delicate and refined Conception for your creamy poultry, risotto, raclette, dessert…
Childhood has its aromas.
Jean Cocteau
Moreish and Fruity

Jardin d'enfance rouge

Jammy red fruits and sweet spices on the nose. Supple, well-rounded, fruity… a Jardin full of indulgence as an aperitif, with barbecues, pizzas, charcuterie…
Fresh and Light

Jardin d'enfance rosé

Citrus and English candy notes on the nose. A gorgeous tension, light and refreshing. Our Jardin takes flight with pure innocence on the terrace or by the pool as an aperitif, with tapas, pizzas…
Crunchy and Expressive

Jardin d'enfance blanc

White fruits, lemon and floral notes on the nose. Vivacity, freshness and a lovely long finish… a crunchy Jardin good enough to eat as an aperitif, with white fish, sushi, seafood…